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Torrey Pines Scientific has launched a range of fully programmable chilling/heating bench-top incubators with temperature rating for use in pharmaceutical, clinical and general chemistry laboratories.

Applications for the incubators include: protein crystal growth; culture growth above, below, or at room temperature; enzyme reactions and deactivations; incubating marine cultures; ligations; hybridisations; storing ooytes and DNA libraries, and more.

The models IN35 and IN45 are Peltier-based units with no compressors or CFCs.

They have 27.5-litre and 55-litre volumes respectively.

Temperature range is from 4.0C to 70C with control to 0.1C (even at room temperature).

The fully programmable controls are capable of storing three routines in memory with each routine capable of 10 steps.

Each program step is a temperature, time, and a temperature ramping rate (if required), and can be made to repeat from one to 99 times automatically.

Programs are stored in CMOS for instant recall and use at any time.

Units have an RS232 interface for data collection, and 99-day timer readable to one second and are UL, CSA and CE listed.

They are available in 100, 115 and 230VAC, 50/60Hz models.

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