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Indesit has purchased four Electro Mechanical Vibratory Scrap Conveyors from Premitec and engineers are happy with the results.

‘With respect to the pneumatic type of friction transporter, the Electro Mechanical Conveyors are of a more robust construction,’ said press shop manager, Steve Pritchard.

With the main drive unit being mounted external to the tool and press it negates any scrap ingress into the motor, which has caused Indesit problems with pneumatic types in the past.

Belt conveyors have proved unreliable due to belt failure, which need replacing regularly.

The quick release clamps (SMED) of the new conveyors enable the low-profile scrap trays to be slid to a new position or changed in seconds.

Shallow scrap trays maximise scrap clearance drop through from underside of press tools.

For Indesit, the units cater for a large amount of heavy scrap.

With the Electro Mechanical Conveyor being press mounted, only the trays need changing.

Indesit’s multiple tray unit is located at the rear of its transfer press.

Several scrap trays transfer scrap into waiting bins.

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