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Eaton’s electrical sector is launching a new iProx inductive sensor series designed for OEMs, and machine and system builders.

Due to an integrated microprocessor and Smart Sense technology, each iProx sensor has a large detection range and intelligence that can be adapted to each application.

Cylindrical devices with switching distances of up to 29mm are available – twice the switching distance of other inductive sensors of the same size.

iProx sensors offer a large number of additional functions that can be activated using optional programming tools.

The Proxview software for Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile devices can be used to program any sensor for a range of applications so that it is also possible to adapt, and iProx sensors as 100 per cent replacements for other inductive sensors, thus considerably reducing stock-keeping requirements.

The iProx product range includes several models as three- or four-wire DC devices, different thread diameters from M12 to M30 and a range of connection options.

All iProx sensors can detect metal targets reliably.

Their quality design with a stainless-steel cylinder, a 300deg visible dual-color LED (operational readiness and output status), as well as corrosion-resistant front plates made from Ryton and a shock-absorbent cast material ensure a rugged design and optimum suitability for industrial applications.

The connection configuration on DC-iProx models is automatic, so that it detects NPN and PNP terminals automatically and switches the sensor accordingly (NPN = sinking or PNP = sourcing).

Sensing range, band detection, background object detection (metal), delay and speed detection can all be configured, due to the microprocessor-based Smart-Sense technology.

iProx sensors are resistant to high interference levels (up to 20V/m) and extreme temperatures (-40C).

Sensors of the iProx series are UL/CSA-approved and carry the CE mark.

The iProx Series is designed for OEMs, and machine and system builders, and is provided with a teach function that simplifies the programming of the sensor in the application environment.

iProx sensors can also be set so that disturbing metallic objects can be ignored in the foreground or in the background.

‘Switch range’ mode makes it possible to restrict the switching of iProx to a small range of its total detection range.

Enhanced time-control functions such as delays and speed detection can also be enabled without the use of external controllers.

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