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IFM Electronic has developed a range of fail-safe inductive sensors that are fully compliant with the latest standards for safety-related parts of the control system.

Not only are the sensors compliant with Performance Level d to ISO / EN 13849, the GF and GG series from IFM are also certified to IEC 62061 SILcl2 and comply with IEC61508 to SIL2.

The GF and GG types, in M12 and M18 housings respectively, are standard inductive sensors with full internal diversity, redundancy and monitoring circuitry.

Each has two solid-state outputs and will therefore connect to a suitable safety input in the same fashion as other, familiar safety devices.

Functional safety is maintained even when the device is connected as a three-wire PNP sensor.

Diagnostics in the sensor will react to internal or external faults dropping the signal out if any faults should occur.

This could be damage to the sensing element in the front of the device, or a cross fault in the wiring.

Despite classed as a safety device, the GF and GG series inductive sensors are cabled using standard M12 sockets on three or four-core cable.

The monitoring removes the need for armoured cable.

The GF or GG series inductive sensors can be used where personnel safety is paramount, or where the integrity of the operation requires it.

Applications include reliable sensing of moving parts on rotary indexing tables and machine tools; reliable triggering of slow travel or shut off for end position on presses, gantries and actuator arms; and safe monitoring of robot movement.

The devices are fully sealed to IP67 and the units are claimed to be immune to clogging or sticking.

ifm electronic specialises in the application of advanced electronic technology to produce innovative and effective solutions for industrial control applications.

Products include flow sensors; pressure transmitters and switches; temperature switches and transmitters; capacitive, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors; and a full range of AS-i I/O modules and masters.

Details of ifm electronic's products and services may be obtained from our website, which has been carefully designed to provide the fastest, easiest way of finding exactly the right sensor for almost any application. Better still, once the correct sensor has been identified, the site also allows the data sheet to be downloaded almost instantly and, for most sensors, it even provides an interactive animated guide to achieving optimum adjustment.

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