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Blue Chip Technology has extended its industrial computer range with the addition of the Ultima QC industrial computer for processor-intensive applications.

Featuring support for Intel’s latest generation of i7 and Xeon series CPUs, the Ultima QC is positioned for users needing top processing performance in an industrial computer platform.

Using Passmark benchmarking, the Ultima QC installed with Intel’s i7 quadcore 920 CPU offers a 285 per cent CPU performance boost over a medium-range Core2Duo E7400 2.8GHz core.

Available memory bandwidth is 24GB, using unbuffered DDR3-800, 1066 and 1333 memory.

Integrated Intel Turboboost and hyper threading increase CPU core efficiency and scalability, while two Intel 82547L controllers provide dual Gigabit Ethernet connections.

The expansion possibilities are ensured by a combination of two fully featured x16 PCI Express 2.0 slots and one (x4) PCI-Express slot.

This means that the Ultima QC supports high-performance graphics cards such as ATI Firepro and Nvidia Quadro, offering dual card support for multi-head graphics and GPU load sharing.

In addition to this, two 64-bit 133/100MHz PCI-X and one 32-bit PCI slots are available for any required legacy workstation/server cards.

Ultima QC supports Windows 7 and Windows XP FES (For Embedded Systems) operating systems.

The Ultima QC is enclosed in a stainless-steel rugged chassis.

The system interior features card support guides and clamps, and shock mounted drive bay cages.

The housing also supports CPU diagnostics, which monitor internal temperatures and voltage rails, dual redundant power supply and RAID storage.

The computer would suit surveillance, signal-processing, machine-control and image-processing applications.

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