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Having used several different CAD systems with dissatisfying results, CHE Evensen switched to Solidworks as its MCAD system seven years ago in an attempt to escape the problems of previous systems.

Previous CAE software had brought about many problems: one of these being a high user threshold that entailed a lot of training; another being limited integration with the MCAD Solidworks system, meaning that review, revisions and updates were problematic.

CHE decided to find a better, easier-to-use system that would integrate with Solidworks, enabling a better flow of information between the various departments to be achieved.

The company decided to use Elecworks for its ECAD tasks, getting three licences for Elecworks that would be used in engineering work to supply major industrial furnaces abroad.

Key benefits of product application

  • CHE reports that Elecworks is easy to learn and use
  • Two-window interface enables data items to be seen side by side, making it easier to keep track of developments
  • Elecworks keeps control of 230V and 400V to prevent them being connected by mistake
  • Most parts CHE uses are available as 3D models from the supplier and Elecworks allows components to be downloaded and inserted into the project
  • Custom components are easy to add into the library
  • Connection point name can be changed simply
  • Integration with Solidworks means those working with ECAD are integrated into the design and construction process along with the mechanical department
  • The departments are now working more closely than before, reducing the risk of errors

Trace Software

Founded in 1989, Trace Software International provides software solutions used to design, calculate, simulate and manage electrical installations in the aim of improving productivity, cost optimisation and automation of tedious tasks. In 20 years, Trace Software International has acquired a unique expertise in partnership with leading market software makers, especially with Dassault Systemes and Autodesk, and has double proficiency in electrical calculation and electrical installations and automation design with wiring management.

The company develops and sells various solutions:

  • Elecworks: electrical CAD, with a full standalone solution or with SolidWorks add-ins for integrating 2D schematic electrical data into mechanical 3D views. Optional Routing and Cabling module for automatic 3D wiring of a panel or a machine. Optional PDM module
  • Elec Calc: multi-standard calculation of low-voltage electrical installations with integrated module for discrimination studies, partial or total intelligent selectivity and selectivity by curves with information supplied by equipment manufacturers
  • Solar Calc: calculation of photovoltaic installations connected to public electrical distribution network
  • Trace Elec Cabling: calculation and easy optimisation of facility wiring paths based on environmental constraints (separation of signal types, raceway fill rate)
  • Trace Elec Distribution: single-line electrical schematic of distribution lines and wiring diagrams, low voltage or high voltage

Partner to SolidWorks, Trace Software International is present worldwide. With a head office in France, Trace Software International has offices in Michigan (US), Shanghai (China) and Barcelona (Spain).

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