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The Moros range of industrial routers from Insys Microelectronics is ideal for machine-to-machine applications and remote device monitoring in buildings management, energy/power and more.

The line combines the functions of a modem, router, and four-port switch in a single DIN-rail housing, and is available in v2.1 models.

Other application areas include process monitoring and control, utility metering and transportation.

The company said the most significant enhancement for all Moros models is the integrated ‘sandbox’, a special Linux runtime environment that allows users to build and execute their own custom-tailored applications and scripts directly on the router.

This enables the implementation of extended functionality such as data logger, data analysis, protocol conversion or dynamic configurations.

The units also have the IPsec protocol in addition to the existing OpenVPN and firewall security features.

The VPN functionality enables the devices to establish secure, confidential connections between company networks, single computers or Ethernet-capable components.

Moros GPRS now supports the faster Edge standard for data rates of up to 236kB/s in GSM mobile radio networks.

Insys Microelectronics

INSYS MICROELECTRONICS is a specialist manufacturer for Industrial data communication. Since 1992 INSYS has been developing and manufacturing robust devices for industrial and ‘remote’ applications, serving a variety of industries – industrial automation, building management, transportation and utilities. We offer a broad range of communication technologies in various housings both wireless and cabled. Products include DIN Rail mounted Analogue and Leased Line modems, GSM/GPRS/EDGE modems; GPRS and 3G routers with combined 4 port switch, Ethernet and WLAN devices. Beyond this, INSYS offers you component communication modules for embedded applications and comprehensive project support to develop and construct customer-specific devices – we are a competent prototype partner. All products are backed with comprehensive support. In future INSYS Microelectronics intends to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of industrial data communication hardware by ensuring the continued manufacture of reliable products with industrial grade components with customer support of the very highest standard.

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