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Two industry leaders in the oil-and-gas sector have confirmed their attendance at the Next Generation (NG) Oil and Gas Summit in June, organised by GDS International.

Brian Rovelli, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Total E and P Research and Technology USA, and Stephen Lipari, president and CEO of AASLAP/EVP Aspect Energy, will attend the summit, which will begin on 3 June at the Inverness Hotel in Colorado.

The summit will discuss whether the oil-and-gas industry is to blame for the economic downfall and if the sector, with its multi-billion-pound infrastructure, can lead the economic turnaround.

The audience and peers will consist of many other industry leaders, including: John de Lange, BG Group’s head of well engineering; Wilfred Roux, onshore oil-and-gas exploration and production executive of Bill Barrett Corporation; Gary Grove, Bonanza Creek Energy’s executive vice-president of engineering and planning; and Valerie Walker, Ellora Energy’s vice-president of exploration.

Veterans at the NG Oil and Gas Summit will spend three days discussing the major issues that will shape the future.

GDS International

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