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Inertial Aerosystems has introduced a range of board-based, digital integrated pressure transducers manufactured by Honeywell.

The IPT range provides accurate pressure-data in an industry-standard SPI digital format.

The IPTs contain a Honeywell silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor with pressure- and temperature-sensitive elements.

Applying the coefficients stored in the onboard Eeprom to the normalised IPT pressure output (24-bit) and temperature output (16-bit) yields accurate and stable pressure readings over the -40 to +85C compensated temperature range.

Stored correction coefficients in Eeprom are ready to use without additional pressure or temperature calibration.

The IPT range comprises of 18 variants from one PSIG / PSID to 50 PSIA in absolute, gauge and differential pressure ranges.

The IPTs have 0.04 per cent absolute pressure accuracy and +/-0.10 per cent gauge/differential pressure accuracy over the compensated -40 to 85C range.

They weigh less than 10g and measure approximately 1.4 x 19 x 25mm.

Full operational control is provided via the digital I/O port.

Applications include flow and pressure calibration, air data computers, engine test and instrumentation.

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