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Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals are designed to provide virtually airtight sealed insulation between internal and external environments, and are fitted around the sides and top of each loading bay.

The vehicle reverses up to the dock as normal and, once in position, the Thortight seals are inflated to create a tight seal before the doors are opened and loading/unloading can proceed.

Curved sides guarantee that an effective seal is maintained, even in high winds.

The Thortight Inflatable Dock Seal prevents the loss of refrigerated or warm air and also helps to prevent dirt, dust and insects from entering the building.

Available in eight sizes to fit doors between 3 and 3.3m wide and 3.2 and 4.6 m high, the seals are suitable for the majority of loading bays and for use with a variety of vehicle sizes and types.

Bespoke seals can be produced to meet individual requirements.

Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals are constructed from a top cushion, two side cushions and the fitting set, with the largest unit weighing 150kg.

This is covered by a corrugated steel roof and the fan used to inflate the seals is placed externally under the roof.

Air is taken from outside so no internal heated or cooled air is used and noise level inside the building is low.

Manufactured from Neoprene Polyamide fabric coated with Chloroprene rubber, the seals are smooth and extremely durable.

Because the seals are not inflated until the vehicle is in place, everyday wear and tear is minimised.

When used in conjunction with Thorworld wheel guides/alignment curbs and dock bumpers, the truck will never touch the seals, other than when they are inflated.

The company also provides safety aids and accessories, including dock shelters and seals, dock levellers, modular loading docks, dock plates and boards, dock and vehicle bumpers, wheel chocks, vehicle restraints, traffic lights wheel guides, alignment curbs and mobile yardramps, together with the Truckloada mobile yardlift and the Dockloada scissor-lift platform.

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