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Infolytica has released MagNet, ElecNet and ThermNet version 7 with multi-threaded 3D solvers.

MagNet v7 Graphical User Interface MagNet is an electromagnetic-field-simulation software based on finite element analysis.

It is suitable for the design of motors, generators, transformers, sensors or any electromagnetic component.

ElecNet is an electric-field-simulation tool used for predicting the performance of surge arresters, bushings, insulations, cables and several high-voltage applications.

ThermNet couples to MagNet for accurate 2D/3D electromagnetic-thermal analysis.

In Version 7, the 3D solvers have been parallelised to run on multiple cores simultaneously and allow for multi-threaded operations.

This change, along with other improvements to the solvers, has resulted in significant speed ups.

Some of the other features in version 7 are: refreshed user interface with better toolbar management; improved post-processing visualisations; new CAD functions for easier model creation; and improved charting functions

Infolytica have provided state-of-the-art Electromagnetic simulation software for magnetic, electric, and thermal analyses since 1978. Engineers from a wide range of industries use Infolytica software to design and analyse applications including electromechanical devices, non-destructive testing, induction heating, and industrial transformers. Full feature scripting and parameterisation (including Optimisation) make Infolytica products the flexible solution for electromagnetic simulation.

MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is an embedded 3D electromagnetic field solver from Infolytica. Instead of using a live-link, or connecting two standalone tools, the simulation of any electromagnetic device can now be performed seamlessly within the integrated SOLIDWORKS environment using this add-in. It is the ideal choice for designers who regularly use SOLIDWORKS, and have a need for electromagnetic analysis.

MagNet is a 2D/3D analysis package, with static and dynamic field modelling of magnetic fields, plus the effects of general motion. ElecNet is the equivalent package for 2D/3D electric field analysis. Automated coupling to thermal analysis allows the effects of temperature to be included. As well as a built-in circuit simulator, MagNet also co-simulates with 3rd party software including Simulink and PSIM.

MotorSolve is a specialised Design Tool for SRM, brushed and brushless DC, and Induction machines, aimed at designers who require answers quickly and accurately. There is a sizing feature (based on classical methods) to prepare an initial design, and adjustments later made using template data entry with accurate FEM then utilised. The integrated thermal modelling allows temperature effects and cooling strategies to be tested for BLDC and IM machines, all in a single package.

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