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Wilks Enterprise has revealed that its portable infrared analysers can carry out on-site product quality analyses for the flexible film packaging industry.

Typical analyses include determining thickness of core layer and proper lamination side on multi-layer films, verification of raw materials and film rolls, and formulation discrimination.

Portable infrared analysers from Wilks can handle these analyses on-site in the production area, on a loading dock or in a warehouse in minutes, eliminating the need to send samples to a laboratory and wait for results.

For a single, repetitive analysis such as measuring nylon, EVA or EVOH in a multi-layer film, the portable Infracal Filtometer with a fixed filter/detector can determine the thickness of the barrier later as low as 0.1mil in less than a minute.

Wilks said it eliminates the need for using potentially toxic solvents and measurement data correlates directly to gravimetric values.

The Infracal Filtometer is rugged, compact (6.5 x 6.5 x 5in), weighs less than 5lb, and requires 12V of DC power, making it ideal for on-site or laboratory use.

Wilks said the instrument’s user-friendly operation allows production personnel to easily operate the analyser with minimal training and obtain accurate measurements.

The Infraspec VFA-IR spectrometer is ideal for handling multiple flexible film measurements with one instrument.

This spectral-range analyser utilises a linear variable filter and a detector array, giving the ability to measure more than one component in the film sample.

Wilks said the advantage of such a filter-based spectrometer is that there is no moving parts, making it a compact and rugged portable analyser with a simplified PC interface that is easy for non-technical personnel to operate on-site or in a laboratory.

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