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Ingersoll Rand is now able to supply an Atex zone 2 version of its Palair Premium oil-less air hoist.

It is designed to stand up to the most demanding applications in terms of health and safety (food processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, clean rooms, and so on).

The Rotorair motor, a two-part gear motor developed by Ingersoll Rand, gives the hoist a service life of over 10 years with regular maintenance.

It is designed to lift loads of 250 to 980kg.

When developing an Atex version of the Palair Premium, the Ingersoll Rand teams were able to conserve the initial characteristics of the hoist for clean environments: no air lubrication, electro-galvanised chain, stainless steel casings, plus the possibility of high-pressure cleaning.

The Palair Premium was the first chain type air hoist to be approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

In its Atex version, all the moving mechanical parts have been redesigned in bronze or stainless steel.

The motor and the mechanical systems have been placed inside a sealed casing.

A ventilation system has been added to the motor to eliminate the risk of gas pocket creation under pressure.

The trolley wheels can be made of bronze or stainless steel as desired, and all the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel.

An Atex zone 1 version is also available as an option.

The Rotorair motor, tried and tested on several thousand units in service, has just two meshed moving gears made of high-strength composite materials.

It avoids the risks of rotor wear found in vane motors.

This means that Rotorair motors are practically maintenance free.

They have very high starting torques and excellent operating flexibility in difficult positions.

Atex Palair Premium air hoists can be pressure cleaned (water or steam), because all the hollow spots likely to retain water are fitted with drain channels.

They feature a load limiter as standard, together with an automatic self-adjusting disc brake, protected by a sealed casing.

A highly-sensitive grip handle can be used to vary the load raising or lowering speed in full safety.

They are fitted with an emergency stop button as standard.

The operator can control the speed with one hand while guiding the load laterally with the other hand.

Other options such as a high-density polymer chain guide are available on request.

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