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Engel has introduced the Engel Victory 160 tie-bar-less injection moulder, which has a maximum clamping force of 1600kN (160tonf).

This machine replaces the current Engel Victory and E-Victory 150 machines.

The Engel Victory 160 features a redesigned clamping cylinder, mould-fixing platen and C frame.

The use of the Flex-Links with force dividers allows for unbeatable clamping-unit quality.

They reduce the deflection of the moving mould-fixing platen to a minimum and ensure smoothly distributed force transmission to the mould across the whole mould-mounting surface.

All injection units are safeguarded by safety fences and safety gates.

Hydraulic injection units of size 750 are alternatively available as encapsulated types, without additional safety guarding.

The selection of electrical injection units has now been extended to include the 940 injection unit.

The Engel Victory 160’s new ecodrive hydraulic drive system is now also available.

The new system has a fixed displacement pump and servomotor instead of the standard hydraulics and asynchronous motor used previously.

This means the machine’s speed is directly linked to the drive speed.

The new servohydraulic ecodrive keeps the speed down.

In other words, the drive is only active during movements, with energy consumption close to zero when the machine is idle.

This makes it possible to reduce energy consumption by 70 per cent.

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