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The 9232 small character inkjet printer incorporates a number of features that deliver benefits to users in the food, drink, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electronic, cable and extrusion industries.

The new addition to the 9000 series, the 9232 prints high-quality date codes, logos, alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D barcodes and other product and traceability information.

The new patented user interface features a 7in colour touch-screen, designed to make setup quick and easy, and display clear, real-time data about machine status, ink usage and maintenance procedures.

The ink cartridges, now with an even longer lifespan, can be changed without mess and without stopping the coding operation.

A new ink circuit and print head enables the 9232 to print at speeds of up to 6.6m/sec and a font height of up to 32 dots means print quality is excellent.

An optional ‘ultra-rapid’ print mode is available for extremely high-speed applications.

With a compact print-head and toughened umbilical line, the 9232 can withstand severe factory conditions.

Housed in an IP55 stainless-steel cabinet and requiring no plant air supply, the printer can be mounted vertically or on a tabletop, so that it can be accommodated on almost any production line.

This calculation measures the amount of uptime as a proportion of total manufacturing time available.

Power consumption is reduced and limited to a maximum of 60VA.

Features: enhanced ink cartridge life prints up to 90 million characters per litre; additive consumption can be reduced by up to 2.5ml/h at 20C depending on the conditions; time between maintenance operations is extended to 18 months for standard applications; availability rate of up to 99.6 per cent without assistance due to its new ink circuit and print-head; 18-month warranty for hardware; IP55 stainless steel cabinet requires no plant air; real-time display of ink level and consumption, printer status and maintenance guide; fast, safe consumable changing, while the printer is running; table-top or vertical mounting for ease of integration; print speed of up to 6.6m/sec; font height of up to 32 dots; optional ‘ultra-rapid’ mode for high-speed printing; materials content more than 80 per cent recyclable; multi-use ketone-free and MEK-free inks; complies with RoHS standards; electric power is limited to 60VA, reducing power consumption.

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