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The MC73110 motor control IC from Performance Motion Devices (PMD) has been designed for use in applications such as general automation, semiconductor equipment and scientific instrumentation.

Employing field-oriented control, the single-axis MC73110 requires only a Mosfet or IGBT three-phase bridge to implement a fully featured drive.

The MC73110 is said to provide high-performance digital current loop, velocity loop and commutation for brushless DC motors.

It operates in internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external velocity command signal, or torque mode with an external torque command signal.

The MC73110 can be operated standalone, using pre-programmed parameters, or via serial commands as a programmable axis controller.

The MC73110 is said to provide greater motor efficiency and higher top-end rotation speed than alternate methods thanks to the IC’s field-oriented control.

This is a math-intensive technique for commutating motors that delivers improvements over standard Hall-based approaches and gives a speed advantage over sinusoidal commutation in brushless DC motor systems, according to PMD.

Field-oriented control is also said to offer an improvement over standard variable-speed drive techniques.

Integrating an on-chip A/D converter, the MC73110 digitises analogue current feedback and provides multiple current control methods to maximise motor performance.

The MC73110 can also perform Hall-based and sinusoidal commutation.

Other features include PID velocity loop, PI current loop compensation, trajectory generation, encoder input and Hall sensor input.

Analogue or digital command input, profile generation and six-signal symmetric PWM (pulse width modulated) waveform generation are also standard.

The MC73110 is supported by the DK73110 developer’s kit.

A complete motion control development tool, this integrated board and software package allows designers to evaluate and use PMD’s motor control IC, while shortening design time for engineers interested in building high-performance brushless DC motor controllers.

The MC73110 developer’s kit provides the user with a platform with which an application can be developed, motors can be tested and software can be verified.

To create a complete functioning motion system, only a three-phase brushless motor is required.

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