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Inmoco’s Exlar Tritex II servo rotary actuators combine a brushless servomotor, actuator and digital position controller into one compact package for use on direct mains operation up to 240V AC.

This integration is designed to overcome the cost and complexity of a systems engineering approach, as all the elements for producing rotary motion have been properly matched and designed into the actuator and tested for their efficiency.

Tritex II actuators can give users the ability to distribute motion control, solve application problems and reduce the size of machine designs with one integrated device.

The actuators are suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Available in 90mm and 115mm frame sizes, in both base and gearmotor configurations, they offer users a clean, integrated unit, and one that delivers long life and high precision, improved positional performance and reduced cycle times, according to Inmoco.

Tritex rotary motors and gearmotors are claimed to provide high response and precise control of a rotatable shaft similar to that found in any electric motor.

With Tritex II, users can program (via a PC) the rotational speed and position of the output shaft in response to external commands.

For example, the motor can be commanded to rotate at a controlled velocity and precisely stop at a pre-programmed position upon receiving a command to do so.

Users can also program the Tritex II unit to run at a preset velocity until a switch input is received, or a pre-programmed torque level is produced (against a load).

Alternatively, the rotary Tritex II can be set up to follow an analogue signal, either voltage or current, representing torque, velocity or position.

The signals for initiating the preprogrammed velocity and position commands can be from optically isolated inputs, or directly via the Modbus serial communication channel provided on each Tritex unit.

In the same way, isolated output commands of the status and events of an application allow precise coordination with either system controls or a machine operator.

If an application requires greater torque and less speed than available with the base unit, the Tritex II is available with an integral servo grade planetary gear reducer.

This provides gear ratios of 4:1 to 100:1, allowing the power of Tritex II to be applied over a broad range of torque requirements.

Tritex II actuators have ample I/O capability that includes: eight digital inputs; four digital outputs; one analogue input and output; and a choice of feedback options, including analogue Hall effect (standard), incremental encoder (8192 count resolution), plus an absolute feedback option.

Popular communication networks such as Modbus, Ethernet IP, Hart, Modbus TCPIP, CAN Open and CAN J1939 allow the Tritex II to become part of any control architecture or machine control processes.

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