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Inmoco offers Performance Motion Device’s ION/CME intelligent digital drive, which enables designers to download and run motion programs without a host PC and is suitable for medical, scientific, semiconductor, industrial, robotic and automation applications.

The ION/CME enables embedded storage and execution of motion control code, so that designers do not need to rely upon a dedicated host PC or controller. This is done via a dedicated module called the C-Motion Engine (CME).

Additionally, programmes can be downloaded to the drive using UDP and TCP Ethernet protocols and serial and CANbus communications options.

The drive features power amplification, advanced motion control and network connectivity. It delivers up to 20A continuous (and 30A peak) current and is available for DC brush, brushless DC and micro-stepping motors.

Key product features

  • Designed for standalone application
  • Also works as a node in distributed motion architectures
  • Enclosed, robust package
  • Includes Magellan Motion Control IC with an instruction set, which provides 32bit processing power to initialise and control the motion control application, monitor performance and synchronise overall drive behaviour
  • Selectable profiling modes include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring and electronic gearing
  • Servo loop compensation uses PID control, velocity and acceleration feed-forward and dual bi-quad filters
  • Limit switches
  • Breakpoints
  • Secondary encoder input for master-slave
  • Electronic gearing applications
  • I/O of the original ION 500
  • Four digital bidirectional I/O
  • Two more digital outputs
  • Four more digital inputs
  • Provision for a ±10V analogue input with 16bit resolution
  • Pro-Motion and C-Motion software supports set-up and commissioning of drives
  • Pro-Motion is a Microsoft Windows-based prototyping tool which is used to set up, tune and test motion control systems that use the Magellan Motion Control Processor. It includes a step-by-step axis wizard to help designers tune control loops
  • C-Motion is the motion control programming library for Magellan that provides a set of call-able C/C programming routines and enables application specific C/C coding to be combined with source code libraries
  • All set-up and development software is included free with ION drives

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