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Inmoco’s Solo Guitar servo drive controller, from Elmo Motion Control, connects Elmo’s Guitar servo drive directly to motion-control applications.

This can reduce development time and resources needed to design a PCB board for a motion-control application.

The Solo Guitar is designed for OEMs.

It delivers high power-density and intelligence in the smallest possible package; it also provides powerful user options such as absolute encoder feedback.

The controller operates from a DC power source in current, velocity, position and advanced position modes, delivering up to 4.8kW of continuous power or 5.4kW of peak power for use with permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motors (sinusoidal and trapezoidal), DC brush motors, linear motors or voice coils.

The Solo Guitar can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a multi-axis system (using Canopen) in a distributed configuration on a real-time network.

It is equipped with four powerful digital outputs that are designed to deliver up to 250mA when the controller is defined as general-purpose applications, or up to 500mA for braking applications.

Also provided are two differential ports for auxiliary feedback, the functionality of port B of this configuration being determined via the user interface.

At the heart of the Solo Guitar is Elmo’s SimplIQ technology.

SimplIQ combines motion-control with real-time networking capabilities and delivers feedback and I/O options and programming capabilities.

It enables the Guitar to bring increased precision to a range of automated applications, including robotics, machine tools, packaging, semiconductor production, materials handling, sorting, printing and textiles.

The Solo Guitar can be accompanied with Elmo’s third-generation Composer software.

This Windows-based application enables users to quickly and simply configure the servo drive for optimal use with their motor.

It provides flexible and intuitive programming and smooth operation for single or multi-axis set-ups, manual and automatic tuning of current, velocity and position loops, a motion monitor and scope for testing, network monitoring and debugging tools and also facilitates communication via serial RS-232 and CANopen.

A smart control-supply algorithm enables the Solo Guitar to operate with only one power supply and removes the need for an auxiliary power supply for the logic.

To back up and store control parameters in the event of a power outage, an external 12 ~ 195 VDC isolated supply can be connected to the Solo Guitar to maintain maximum flexibility and backup functionality when needed.

The Solo Guitar is designed for use with Elmo’s new ultra high-power density Guitar servo drive.

This is a PCB-mounted device that delivers up to 5kW of continuous qualitative power and 70A peak current.

The Guitar provides superior servo performance, networking and intelligent capabilities with high-level programming capability.

It suits every motion-control application, especially where servo performance and compactness are critical issues.

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