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Inmoco has launched the Gold Whistle, a tiny Ethercat-ready digital servo drive from Elmo Motion Control.

The Gold Whistle is a miniature network-based servo drive offering high power density.

The drive is printed circuit board (PCB) mounted and delivers up to 1.6kW of continuous power and 3.2kW of peak power in a compact package measuring just 55 x 46 x 15mm and weighing 55g.

The Gold Whistle is one of the first of a new range of digital servo drives launched by Elmo incorporating its new Gold Line technology.

The Gold Line is a range of motion products that includes intelligent servo drives, a distributed network motion controller and a network input/output (I/O) controller.

These products are claimed to provide seamless connectivity (communications, feedback and I/Os), high performance and ease of operation to create comprehensive, high-performance solutions for modern motion-control systems.

An ideal OEM product, the Gold Whistle is small and light enough to be PCB mounted or installed in a motor housing or near a motor.

This facility cuts costs significantly by reducing cabling and installation time and simplifies maintenance for end users of the product.

The high power density of the Gold Whistle design provides advanced networking and built-in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller and local intelligence.

The drive is also highly efficient, has high bandwidth performance and supports a variety of feedback types, including Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Resolver, Digital and Analog Hall, Tachometer and Potentiometer.

This functionality is complemented by multiple communication options, which include Ethercat, Canopen, Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

In conjunction with Elmo’s Gold Maestro network motion controller, the Gold Whistle can be integrated into a network, enabling sophisticated applications to be developed and implemented in a short timeframe.

Power is provided by an external 12-95VDC isolated DC power supply (not included).

A smart control-supply algorithm enables the Gold Whistle to operate with the power supply only, with no need for auxiliary power.

If back-up functionality is required for storing control parameters during power-outs, an auxiliary 12-95VDC power supply can be connected, providing maximum flexibility and optional backup functionality when needed.

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