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Inov8 Science has revealed how its AD (air disinfection) units are being used as part of an infection prevention and control programme at Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust to fight viral disease.

The AD emulates the natural disinfection properties of the open air, emitting a constant low-level stream of hydroxyl radicals that attack airborne bacteria and viruses.

Measuring less than 41 x 20cm, the AD is a small device that can be fixed to a wall in locations with the greatest potential for pathogen proliferation.

At Hereford, units were initially placed throughout the older Nightingale-style wards where there had been particular problems with outbreaks and ward closures.

Subsequently, units have been placed in all wards in the main hospital except for the children’s and women’s health wards.

Hereford Hospital NHS Trust has reported that it has had no MRSA bloodstream infections since April 2009 and Clostridium difficile numbers have more than halved compared with this time last year.

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