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Having identified a need for software to manage the administration of parts programming and storage associated with its turned parts sub-contract engineering business, Inro invested in PSL Datatrack.

Inro first began using PSL Datatrack to help deal with a major order covering the complete assembly of fishing gear, for which Inro needed to know in real time what parts and stocked quantities would be required to fulfil the order.

Over a period of 10 years, Inro has made staged investments in the modular PSL Datatrack system, adding new modules as the company’s business has grown and evolved.

Today, Inro’s emphasis is very much on added value, such as complex assemblies of fuel safety devices for the motor racing industry.

There are also customers from more traditional industrial markets, such as the rail industry, as well as in the fishing gear sector.

Inro now has 11 Star CNC machines and manufactures assemblies in quantities from 500 to 10,000.

With more than 500 different types of assemblies being produced at any given time, the ability to control stock, manage materials and ensure invoicing is accurate, is essential.

According to Inro, the reliability of Datatrack became especially important during the recession.

Looking at its costs and historical information held in Datatrack, such as material prices, allowed Inro to better decide which material suppliers to use.

It also ensured that customer quotations always accurately reflected changes in material costs.

To provide control over all these aspects of the business, Inro now uses a number of PSL Datatrack modules.

These include gauge management, bill of materials, shop-floor data collection, material and component stock control, quotations, invoicing and document storage.

Inro has ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and the automatic traceability inherent within PSL Datatrack holds all the data required to make the ISO auditor’s job easier.

In Inro’s management offices, the PSL Datatrack works order, quotation, purchasing and invoicing modules are all employed and cross-referenced to ensure all supplier and customer invoices are correct and have been prepared using the correct purchase and latest material prices.

Another feature of PSL Datatrack valued by Inro is the ability to store and retrieve documentation and assembly drawings.

Each is given individual identification and issue numbers and scanned or saved from customer supplied files before being stored within PSL Datatrack.

Any drawing amendments are also stored and given a separate identification.

These can be recalled at any time and automatically matched to quotations, thereby eliminating the danger of wrong-issue-number manufacture and reducing the paperwork and administration associated with customer histories and repeat business.

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