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Kennametal has introduced the Beyond range of inserts, suitable for steel, stainless-steel and cast-iron hole-making applications.

Three new grades are available: the KCPK10, the KCU25 and the KCU40.

The product portfolio covers SPPX/SPGX drill fix square (DFS) outboard inserts, available in HP, FP and MD geometries.

Together with the DFS drill bodies, diameters range from 24mm to 55mm (1in to 2.125in).

Kennametal’s DFS indexable drill platform offers the economy of a square insert having four edges in the outside pocket combined with the centring and high-feed ability of a DFT trigon insert.

The DFS indexable drill can be used in virtually any short-hole applications and materials performed on CNC lathes or machining centres.

Achieving up to 20 per cent or higher material removal rate (MRR) at the same tool life as standard inserts, the KCPK10 grade offers excellent abrasion and crater wear resistance for the high-speed machining of steels and cast irons.

With up to 20 per cent or higher MMR and a 30 per cent extended tool life, the KCU25 is ideal for processes at high speeds and feeds, delivering good reliability in steels, stainless steels and cast irons.

With a multi-layered PVD TiN-TiAlN coating and a tough substrate, the KCU40 grade delivers double the tool life at equivalent material removal rates for standard inserts.

This grade withstands interruptions and provides high wear resistance for a long tool life.

Thilo Mueller, senior product manager, said: ‘Three new Beyond grades cover hole making in steel, stainless steel and cast iron and provide outstanding results both in highly stable, high-speed conditions and difficult, unstable jobs.

‘With four high-productivity cutting edges where they are needed, the DFS drills with new Beyond inserts enable higher speeds and, as there is simply more tool body material between these two inboard and outboard inserts, higher feed rates than competitive tooling based on squared inserts only.

‘By using a trigon-shaped insert inside, we simply have more material in between and the tool does not get fragile like tooling with squared inserts only.

‘This feed advantage – plus chip flutes that enable much better chip evacuation – gives users better hole quality at higher MRR,’ added Mueller.

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