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The Haeger 824 Windowtouch-3 insertion press, available via Shear-Form Machine Tools, ensures that the correct fastener is used every time, thus improving insertion productivity and component quality.

Whether a company’s fabrication shop is new to hardware insertions or already inserts millions of fasteners every year, the press is intended to make life easier for the operator by ensuring that the right insertion is used in the right place.

This eliminates damage to parts during the insertion process with no rejected components owing to missing fasteners.

At the same time, fast ram speeds will increase productivity.

If a fabrication shop is equipped with laser punching and cutting equipment, it is sensible to have an insertion press to maintain product quality throughout the manufacturing process, according to Shear-Form.

The insertion press is claimed to produce a fast payback time on the initial investment.

A laser-part-locating light uses a red cross hair laser to show the operator exactly where each fastener should be inserted, while the digital camera interface can take images of the positions of fasteners on a finished component and import that information into the equipment’s part program for future recall.

Haeger’s Insertiongraphics software provides a visual guide to the insertion process.

Full-colour component images can be displayed on the computer touch screen, with each fastener position on a component being displayed with a colour-coded flashing dot.

Different colours are used to identify different types of insertions, helping to ensure that no fasteners are missing and that the correct one is inserted.

The Insertionlogic software includes a full-colour teach screen to set up the sequence in which different fasteners are inserted, a main operation screen to provide control of program parameters and program setup to enable the operator to store different job specifications and see what tooling modules to use, while a fastener library allows jobs to be set up effectively and quickly.

The new insertion press is designed to apply insertions into thin-gauge materials and other applications where absolute repeatability (+/-0.5 per cent) is critical.

It has a force range from 4kN to 72kN, a throat depth of 610mm and throat height of 342mm.

Other features include a multi-shuttle tooling platform for nuts, studs and stand-offs that reduces the tool-changing time to about two minutes without the need for re-alignment, the Turret Insertion System (TIS-2), which enables up to four different fasteners to be inserted in one part handling, and a positive locking station that ensures that the operator has activated the correct tool station and that there is no tool movement when the insertion takes place.

The tool position feedback eliminates missing fasteners by stopping the operator from moving on to the next fastener until the current fastener is inserted.

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