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Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has launched Neurocheck 6.0 64-Bit Edition, designed for inspection, guidance, identification, metrology, tracking and counting in mission-critical inspection systems.

Re-engineered for the latest software environment, it is claimed to offer manufacturers significant improvements in inspection processing, manufacturing integration and audit tracking, as well as support for the latest high-resolution colour digital cameras and multi-core central processing units.

The new version of Neurocheck takes account of the trend towards the 64-bit edition of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

In contrast to the 32-bit edition, which was limited to using 4Gb of main memory (RAM), the 64-bit edition can address much more RAM, thus allowing larger images to be processed in real time.

In addition to 64-bit support, the new software version offers new functionality to help engineers deploying the vision system and for those engineers tasked with supporting the systems on the shop floor.

The new Project Directory Concept within the software allows engineers to set up, deploy and support a number of projects in parallel with different configurations and settings for each vision project.

For engineers responsible for multiple vision systems across a factory, it offers fast and easy administration of all their deployed machine vision solutions.

The latest edition has two new touchscreen-ready designs for the control panel: Cool Black Buttons Top and Cool Black Buttons Left.

These new control panels can be set up within minutes, thus allowing more space on the display screen for a comprehensive visualisation of process data and check results when required.

A new window type is also available in the Process View Display; the new Data Register Viewer offers comprehensive visualisation of the communication data within freely definable registers for production line communication.

New optimised image-processing algorithms for the 64-bit environment allow faster solution creation and more precise evaluations.

According to the company, 24-bit colour processing is carried through template matching, supported with the latest template definition wizard.

Modern multi-core processor support further improves performance, particularly for fast cameras connected via GigE and Firewire B (IEEE 1394b) interfaces.

Neurocheck 6.0 64-Bit Edition is available as part of the new Service Pack 3 download, available free of charge for current Neurocheck 6.0 users, or can be ordered as part of the standard Neurocheck Professional, Premium and Run-Time licences.

Industrial Vision Systems

Our systems combine the latest generation machine vision software with the newest digital camera technology providing a cost-effective, easy to set-up vision solution and offering rapid integration and company wide standardization.

Combining software expertise with application integration we offer a unique service in the machine vision industry – that of vision system manufacturer and vision system integrator – giving us unparalleled expertise and experience in vision technology for automated quality control. 

Our systems are some of the most innovative and advanced machine vision solutions on the market today, successfully deployed in thousands of systems around the world.


Our specialist capabilities include:


– Single and multi camera off-the-shelf solutions for automated inspection

– Retro-fit vision system solutions to already established lines and cells

– Complete bespoke machine builds and special purpose machines for automated inspection

– Custom OEM development of unique vision inspection requirements

– Vision integration and support for machine builders and systems integrators 

– Machine vision training and support 

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