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Instron has introduced a series of pneumatic side-action grips suitable for gripping a range of materials, specimens and components.

With capacities of 1, 2, 5 and 10kN, the range covers a range of testing applications, including plastics, foil, wire, sheet, textiles, elastomers, components and paper.

The dual-action, self-centering design features jaw faces that can be removed and replaced within seconds, without the use of tools or locating pins.

The jaw-face shields reduce the finger-pinch hazard associated with the use of pneumatic grips.

The shields are adjustable to suit the specimen thickness, and feature graduations and a central v-notch to aid specimen alignment.

An optional specimen-alignment device ensures thatspecimens are loaded quickly and accurately along the test axis.

The throat size has been maximised to make inserting specimens easier and safer, and the ergonomic design of the locknut allows backlash in the connection to be eliminated without tools.

The grips can be operated manually with the integral air valve or the optional footswitch and the quick-release air connector can be rotated to ensure tidy hose runs.

The air connector features an adjustable air valve, allowing the closure speed of the grip to be reduced if desired.

The grips can be fitted to any make of test instrument with simple adaptors if needed.


Instron is a leading provider of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets. A global company providing single-source convenience, Instron manufactures and services products used to test the mechanical properties and performances of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments.

Instron systems evaluate materials ranging from the most fragile filament to advanced high-strength alloys, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for all their research, quality and service-life testing requirements. Additionally, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including assistance with laboratory management, calibration expertise and customer training.

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