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Kontron and Lynuxworks have combined Lynuxworks’ LynxOS-SE 5.0 with Kontron’s ITC-320 3U CompactPCI CPU board.

The combination provides a secure computing product that is suited for ‘medium robustness’ security applications as defined by the US government.

The Kontron ITC-320 series is a range of 3U CompactPCI CPU boards that uses a high performance and long-term available processing chipset from the Intel embedded architecture.

The board integrated with LynxOS-SE 5.0 is based on the 1.5 GHz Intela Corea2 Duo LV processor.

The Kontron ITC-320 uses Error Correction Code (ECC) DRAMs; components that ensure a long product life cycle; and a layout of components that optimises cooling, to help meet requirements for secure applications in demanding environments.

The Kontron ITC-320’s high-performance PCI-Express port is backwards-compatible with PCI-supporting software and configurable either as x4 or quad x1, making it suitable for data-intensive applications.

The availability of LynxOS-SE on the Kontron ITC-320 has extended the use of COTS products to high-end military and avionics applications that require enhanced safety and reliability features such as time and space partitioning.

The LynxOS-SE 5.0 BSP meets stringent requirements for secure, real-time mission-critical applications and allows defence developers to quickly benefit from an out-of-the-box hardware/software solution that is optimised for the harshest environments and provides a single, powerful solution for real-time systems with zero downtime tolerance.

The operating system provides open APIs, Linux ABI compatibility, full POSIX conformance, medium-assurance security via the single-level operating-system-protection profile and an advanced set of networking features for uncompromised performance.

LynxOS-SE 5.0 also offers increased RAM that enables developers to take full advantage of current hardware designs.

The system also features a fully integrated updated GNU tool chain and an enhanced Linux ABI to provide a streamlined development and execution environment.

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