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Intellidrives has introduced the RTHM-100 compact rotation stages, which are designed to rotate optical components and small tooling in confined spaces.

The stages are suitable for the confined spaces of the manufacturing processes for fibre optical components and semiconductor devices, fibre-optic alignment, laser-diode research, biomedical applications and inspection systems.

The lightweight design features a low 32mm profile height and incorporates an anodised aluminium body with pre-loaded ball bearings with run-outs of 5 microns.

This proprietary bearing design provides smooth rotation with minimal wobble, according to the company.

A precision-ground worm gear produces consistent driving torque to the rotor and eliminates variations in the motor current.

RTHM-100 stages feature angular-resolution 0.1 arc-second, which may be achieved with either DC servomotor or stepper-motor controls.

The stages are equipped with a reference-home sensor.

RTHM-100 stages can run in continuous or start/stop rotation modes and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The stages feature zero backlash and a large 50mm centre aperture.

They can rotate loads of 20kg over an unlimited rotation angle.


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