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ACT is launching its Gold-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester for testing all 12V SLA batteries from 1.2Ah and 200Ah for any installation.

Originally designed with the alarm installer in mind, engineers from the automotive, aerospace, marine, military and health-care sectors use the award winning Gold-IBT to carry out accurate battery maintenance inspections.

The tester provides a fast and precise solution to measuring Ah capacity available in 12V SLA and car batteries from 1.2Ah and 200Ah.

It simulates a full 20-hour battery discharge test in six seconds and will automatically display DC voltage, temperature and actual Ah capacity available.

By giving actual Ah capacity, rather than a percentage, this offers a far more meaningful result allowing the engineer to know exactly how long the battery will power their equipment.

The Ah capacity reading should be compared with a chart found on the side of the meter showing the most common battery sizes and at what Ah capacity they should be recharged or replaced.

Defective batteries are automatically identified without the need for complicated settings.

ACT Meters Ltd has supplied alarm test equipment and alarm troubleshooting
solutions worldwide for more than 20 years.  It has become a successful
niche business, with over 100 specialist products. In recent years the
company has expanded its range to appeal not only to alarm engineers, but to
engineers from all other sectors including medical, automotive, marine and

Their product range includes a highly reputable selection of battery testing
and monitoring equipment, multimeters, cable testers, calibration equipment,
cctv  troubleshooting and a unique collection of alarm protection devices to
help reduce false alarms.

The company prides itself on experience, providing a personal service and
continually developing innovative products to help meet the demands of the
alarm engineer. ACT Meters Ltd also offers free technical advice to
engineers who are experiencing troublesome alarm systems.

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