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The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is about to replace 47 million gas and electricity meters with smart-energy meters in every UK dwelling by 2020 – at a cost of around GBP10bn.

Across the world, energy companies are looking into advanced powerline technology for its reliability, efficiency and performance to enable Smart Meter connection as part of the future Smart Grid.

DS2 advanced powerline technology is taking the lead in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to provide a real-time, fully scalable and reliable communication network with self-healing features and enhance distribution network control and power-quality management.

The newly ratified ITU-T standard means that devices such as smart meters will be able to establish secure two-way communication channels with any other products.

Ann Whyte, director of corporate communications at DS2, said: ‘Intelligent Smart Grids based on DS2 technology are plug-and-play, use the utility’s own infrastructure and provide the capability to reach the most remote parts of the grid.

‘This makes implementation cheap, reliable and efficient.’ Intelligent Smart Grids will reduce energy companies’ running costs by providing real-time network planning and management, avoiding outages, anticipating demand and even eliminating customer-service time spent on dealing with estimated bills.

Utility companies across Europe, the US and APAC are realising the benefits that powerline technology can bring to improve their electricity-grid efficiency and build their own intelligent Smart Grids.

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