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Intense has announced an expanded range of high-power QCW bars and stacked array products at Photonics West.

The Hermes stacked array product line now includes higher power QCW products, from 1,200 to 2,000W, qualified to MIL-Standards.

In addition, Intense has launched passively mounted QCW bars that provide power levels in excess of 300W.

All Hermes bar and stacked array products utilise Intense QWI technology.

Intense is also launching a H-style mounted bar designed specifically for high power, high efficiency rod pumping applications.

The H mount can be used in its standard configuration or can be lensed using either a slow or fast axis collimator lens depending upon customer requirements.

These products offer new solutions to defence and other mobile applications where reliability and performance in harsh environments and operating conditions are essential.

The entire Hermes line is available in a range of wavelengths suitable for direct diode pumping, illumination and direct material processing applications.

The bars and stacked arrays are available in standard G, CS or H mounts.

Multi-colour stacks are available upon request.

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