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Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology (PCT)-based touch-sensing technology has been chosen to enable interactive functionality to a heavy-duty application.

Taiwanese applied computing company Advantech will incorporate the fully customisable Zybrid touch sensor into its latest product offering: the Digital Signage Interactive Station.

This interactive station has been designed to be employed in a range of different public environments, including hotels, conference centres, retail areas, cinemas, exhibitions and museums.

The high-definition LCD screens integrated into each of these stations will have an output of 700cd/m, giving users bright, high-resolution images.

Each of these stations will feature a 42in (107cm) Zybrid touch screen, enabling advertisers to engage with consumers at a personal level using interactive digital media, rather than presenting information in a one-way, passive style.

Zybrid is based on Zytronic’s patented PCT, which consists of a matrix of closely spaced micro-fine capacitors that are embedded within a laminated panel.

As each of these capacitors is a fraction of the diameter of a human hair, they are almost invisible to the human eye, thereby providing high-performance touch functionality without affecting the optical clarity of the display while it is in operation.

Since the active sensing elements of PCT are protected by a thick layer of pure glass, rather than, as with most other touch technologies, being positioned vulnerably on the front surface, it is ideal for public-access applications in indoor and outdoor environments.

PCT has unlimited touch life, giving it a far greater operating lifespan, and guards against expensive maintenance, ensuring the maximum return on investment, according to the company.

Unlike touch technologies such as infrared and acoustic wave that normally require an open bezel to operate, PCT sensors can be completely sealed for use in all weathers and may also be designed to eliminate the need for a frame or bezel mechanism around the display.

As a result, smooth, sleek and durable digital-signage systems can be created.

In the case of the Digital Signage Interactive Station project, the design brief from Advantech was to provide a rugged, public-use touch sensor with a screen-printed border and the capability to be flush mounted.

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