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Interalia Communications is supplying an audio and visual passenger information display system for installing on board Tyne and Wear Metro’s 90-strong fleet of trains.

Part of Nexus’s Metro: All Change programme, funded by the government to improve Tyne and Wear’s public transport system, Nexus is investing GBP1.7m on Interalia’s passenger information system as part of its commitment to less-able users of its system.

Currently, Metro passengers have to rely on audio announcements made by the driver.

The Interalia passenger information system will provide more clearly audible pre-recorded announcements currently heard on the Metro system.

To aid hearing-impaired passengers, the same message will be displayed on a signboard in the carriage using electronic display equipment supplied by Data Display.

The system is operated using an advanced global positioning system (GPS) in conjunction with an inertial navigation system for the underground portion of the network that tracks the exact location of each Metro train.

Developed from technology supplied by Interalia to other light passenger rail (LPR) systems in Canada, the passenger information system will be of particular benefit to passengers who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.

The equipment has been successfully trialled on board a single train with a group of passengers representing a wide range of advocate groups for those with hearing and sight impairments and learning difficulties.

It will start being rolled out to the rest of the fleet from November.

By June 2010, all 90 trains will be equipped with the new system.

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