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Maintaining its continuing improvements to the underground system, London Underground has installed Interalia’s Transit Voice audio messaging system at Paddington Station.

Interalia, a designer and manufacturer of digital voice announcement solutions and a supplier of platform announcers to London Underground, designed the Transit Voice system to deliver high-quality audio messages to public address systems, including ‘Mind the gap’ and ‘Stand clear of the doors’.

Developed as an inexpensive passenger announcer for smaller low-volume stations, Transit Voice is said to be replacing the original ‘Mind the gap’ announcer at half the cost of the original system.

Up to four different audio messages may be triggered independently from one unit, with each message controlled by its own delay.

In total, up to nine different messages can be stored, including emergency evacuation communications.

The unit can also be incorporated at stations where the train driver makes the ‘Mind the gap’ announcements.

Transit Voice units installed in London Underground stations are triggered by track relays when the train enters the station, although other control transducers – such as PIR and manual trigger – can also be used with the system.

The units use Flash memory to store audio messages for playback.

This is intended to ensure that messages are retained even in the event of a power failure.

Interalia adapted an existing digital announcer to meet the needs of the London Underground when the original ‘Mind the gap’ system at Finchley Road developed a fault and was found to be obsolete.

Following the initial installation, a Transit Voice system was installed at Mansion House and now at Paddington station.

Other underground stations are currently carrying out evaluations.

Transit Voice is one of two different platform announcers supplied to London Underground.

Interalia has also supplied its Commander system to more than 20 large underground stations including Oxford Circus and Bank/Monument.

In 2001, Interalia formed a joint-venture project team to develop a help-point system, which is also now used extensively in London both on the underground and at rail terminals.

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