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Intercaps Filling Systems has been requested to supply a special 14-head capping turret, produced by Arol Spa, to a UK soft drinks manufacturer.

The capper is capable of applying four different types of closure on the same capping turret – from 28 x 15 metal ROPP to two different types of 28mm plastics screw-on closure.

It also includes a 38mm-wide metal ROPP cap, all on one turret with quick change-over capping heads and two fixed cap feeding devices.

The turret was designed from scratch and was delivered to the client for assembly on a pre-existing filling machine in 90 days, including the summer holiday recess in Italy.

New miniaturised 38mm metal capping heads were custom-designed for the client to fit the reduced pitch of the existing filler.

Intercaps Filling Systems

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