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Stewart Connector has announced the availability of the modular MRJ21 interconnect system under a license agreement with Tyco Electronics.

The MRJ21 cabling system is designed to promote optimal port density in space-constrained telecom and premise wiring applications.

The Category 5e cable assemblies simultaneously support Voice over Internet (VoIP), Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) while offering installers the ability to connect 24 twisted pairs (12 two-pair or six four-pair ports) with one connection.

The I/O interconnect systems’ double-blade design is said to allow up to four times the port density of traditional 2×6 stacked modular jacks (RJ45), and up to three times the port density of an RJ21 connector.

Devices are available in four connection schemes, including six unshielded RJ45 connectors to 45-degree angle MRJ21 connectors, six unshielded RJ45 connectors to straight MRJ21 connector, and straight MRJ21 connector to 45-degree MRJ21 connector.

The MRJ21 board-mount receptacle features a robust board-lock design for good PCB strain relief, and the cable assemblies provide offset jackscrews to ensure positive latching and secure cable retention.

Assemblies are durability tested to 500 cycles.

Stewart Connector’s MRJ21 cabling system targets telecommunication and premise wiring applications wherever traditional stacked modular jacks and RJ21 connectors are used.

They may be used in applications including network closets, core and edge routers, digital cross connects, GbE switches, 10/100Base-T, and DSLAM.

The assemblies allow a connection migration path from such legacy products as punchdown blocks, modular plug breakouts, and standard RJ21 assemblies, and are designed with die-cast backshells for shielded applications.

Fully shielded to reduce EMI emissions, the modules’ differentially paired footprint and contact layout are said to further reduce crosstalk through built-in compensation.

Connectors feature 1mm pair spacing and 1.5mm pair-to-pair spacing.

Additionally, the dual-row receptacles meet the height requirements of the CompactPCI specification.

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