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Fischer Ultimate Original Series interconnect solutions are designed for a range of harsh environment applications.

The series offers rugged, compact, lightweight, sealed connectors and cable assembly solutions that are suited to withstand a variety of severe environmental, industrial and chemical conditions.

Major features of the Fischer Ultimate Original Series include rugged, miniature and ultralight design, robust keying, high shock and vibration resistance, excellent shielding and sealing level IP68/69K, even unmated, with Fischer’s new facilitated cable assembly solutions.

Its four robust mechanical codings, allowing an easy mating even in the dark, are complete with visual coding to prevent misconnection.

The push-pull connector is available in a range of body styles, sizes and configurations, including multi-pole contacts from two to 42 poles.

The compact product design with short plugs, small, easy-to-handle and low-profile receptacles makes it suitable for connected devices with restricted space requirements.

The housing is available in grey natural chrome and black anti-reflective body coating.

The Original Series is also complete with EMC 360deg high-performance shielding.

Made of high-resistant aluminium, Fischer Ultimate Original Series is 50 per cent lighter than typical brass connectors.

This line of connectors is immune to tough elements including fog, salt spray (five per cent 35C, MIL STD-202 Method101A), sand and moisture.

It is able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from -55 to 135C.

Its usage is guaranteed for 10,000 mating cycles.

Cable assembly solutions are available in both straight and right-angle overmoulding.

Fischer has also developed moulded soft IP68 sealing caps.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors are manufacturers of high quality electrical and fibre optic push-pull connectors and cable harnesses.The product range is vast and constantly being evolved; from miniature coaxial to large multi-pin with the additional fibre optic and hybrid options.

Offering high EMC integrity, IP68 sealing and very long life span, these products are ideal for the rigours of Defence and Security; from C4I systems through to Aerospace.

Recent product developments are focused on the quest for miniaturisation and weight saving for Infantry, covert and border security operations

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