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Interface Components has unveiled the IC-DC2-VPX3a 3U VPX board, based on the Intel Core2 Duo processor SL9380 (or SU 9300).

It is associated with the Intel 3100 Chipset and compliant with several Payload Slot Profiles of the OpenVPX standard.

Designed for applications requiring a very high level of performance in a compact 3U form factor, the IC-DC2-VPX3a provides a flexible combination of interfaces, supporting VPX’s high-bandwidth serial switched fabrics (PCI Express VITA 46.4).

The embedded Intel Core2 Duo processors, based on Intel Core microarchitecture, deliver energy-efficient performance for embedded platforms.

Intel 45nm process technology allows integration of two complete execution cores into one physical package, providing advancements in simultaneous computing.

The SL9380 is coupled with the Intel 3100 Chipset, single integrated chip that contains the functionality of a Memory Controller Hub and an I/O Controller Hub via the NSI interface bus.

The IC-DC2-VPX3a board also provides two GigaEthernet ports, which can be used on P1 as 1000BT or 1000KX interfaces.

The IC-DC2-VPX3a is available in standard, extended, rugged and conduction-cooled grades.

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