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Intersil has introduced the ISL99201 and ISL99202, the first audio products in its range of ultra-small-footprint packages that will enable longer-running, smaller, lighter consumer devices.

The audio amplifiers are suitable for use in Smartphones, PDAs, game consoles, MP3 and personal media players, personal navigation devices and LCD TVs.

The ISL99201, available in nine-bump 0.4mm pitch WCSP, is the world’s smallest Class D amplifier, according to the company.

It is a filterless, fully integrated, high-efficiency mono amplifier capable of delivering up to 2.5W into a 4ohm load.

It features a low-noise modulation scheme, operating with 86 per cent efficiency at 400mW into 8ohm and has a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that is better than 95dB.

The ISL99201 also includes a micropower shutdown mode with a typical shutdown current of 200nA.

The fully-differential input of the ISL99201 provides 75dB rejection to common mode noise on the input.

It is available in three fixed-gain settings that reduce Bill-of-Materials (BOM) costs and save board space.

It is also available with a programmable gain-setting option for design flexibility.

In addition to the WCSP package, the ISL99201 is available in an eight-lead TDFN package.

Available in 12-bump 0.4mm pitch WCSP, Intersil’s ISL99202 supports 16 to 600ohm speaker impedance.

Its operating voltage of 2.4 to 5.5V makes the amplifier suitable for use in mobile battery-powered applications that use 2AA or single-cell Li-Ion batteries, as well as in notebook computers using 3.3 to 5V power supplies.

It is also available in 12-lead TQFN package.

The ISL99202 has an input architecture which suppresses demodulation and prevents the bursts at 217Hz from interfering with the audio output.

It also includes audiophile quality SNR and THD specifications, and Intersil’s click-and-pop suppression technology.

Protection features include undervoltage and short-circuit protection, as well as thermal shutdown.

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