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Intersil has released an ultra-low-distortion, low-power, differential I/O amplifier that is claimed to provide an excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

The ISL55210 is designed to enable customers to implement efficient high-speed data acquisition systems and high-bandwidth communications equipment.

Susan Hardman, senior vice-president of Intersil’s analogue and mixed-signal products group, said: ‘The amplifier portion of the data acquisition channel usually limits overall system performance.

‘With the recent breakthroughs in reduced power consumption for Intersil’s new range of 12- to 16-bit, 200MSPS to 500MSPS ADCs [analogue-to-digital converters], our new low-power ISL55210 driver amplifier provides an equally compelling solution to the most demanding data acquisition requirements,’ she added.

The ISL55210 noise is negligible with respect to the ADC, so adding gain and filtering will have virtually no impact on a system’s SNR, according to the company.

In addition, power requirements are a minimal 115mW.

The device features very high slew rates, low noise and ultra-low distortion, and provides a 4GHz gain bandwidth with input noise of only 0.85nV/Hz.

The ISL55210 also provides consistent performance over a wide temperature and gain range.

Distortion for the ISL55210 is -94dBc at 140MHz (IM3).

In addition, the amplifier’s balanced architecture suppresses even-order harmonic distortion, which is usually caused by asymmetrical or unbalanced signal paths.

The ISL55210 supports gains greater than two with minimal bandwidth or SFDR degradation.

This performance margin is said to be suitable for supporting Intersil’s low-power 500MSPS ISLA112P50 12-bit and ISLA214P50 14-bit ADCs.

The ISL55210 offers an independent output Vcm control that can be tied to the ADC Vcm reference or left to default to its internal 1.2V setting.

For low system power, an optional power shutdown is included to reduce off-state power to less than 1mW.

When disabled, the input stage includes a protection feature that prevents large signals present at the input from reaching the sensitive ADC inputs.

For time-domain applications, the ISL55210 offers 3Vpp maximum linear output with a differential slew rate of 5,600V per micro-second, a fast-settling step response and a 700MHz full-power bandwidth.

External feedback and gain setting resistors are intended to give the designer high flexibility and accuracy.

Also scheduled to be released soon is a companion device, designated the ISL55211, with internally set feedback and gain elements providing a choice of three possible differential I/O gain settings.

The ISL55210 is available now in a compact leadless TQFN-16 package.

Prices start at USD3.75 (GBP2.33) each in 1,000-piece quantities.

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