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Intersil has introduced two switches that help to eliminate congestion in handheld-device connectors.

The ISL54214 dual SP3T (Single Pole/Triple Throw) switch or 3:1 Mux combines low-distortion audio and two accurate USB 2.0 high speed data (480Mbps) signal-switching paths in the same low-voltage device.

The switches enable use of a common mini-USB or audio headphone connector in media players and other portable battery-operated products by allowing either one or two USB transceivers – plus a UART transceiver – to share pins with an audio codec.

The ISL54217 dual SP3T adds Intersil’s click and pop elimination circuitry to the switch, enhancing the performance of handheld products by removing audio artefacts.

The audio switch cells in the ISL54214 and ISL54217 can pass +/-1V ground-referenced audio signals with ultra low distortion of

They also have a muting operation mode, which helps to provide high isolation between the codec and the headphone or amplifier load.

The USB switch cells have very low ON capacitance of just 8pF, resulting in high bandwidth to move USB high-speed signals with minimal edge and phase distortion.

Dual USB 2.0 data paths allow multiple chips to share a high-speed USB port.

Both devices incorporate failsafe power-off protection to prevent USB lock-up or battery drain via USB ports in case of power failure.

COM pins in each version can tolerate over voltages beyond the supply rails, meeting USB short-circuit requirements with no additional components.

Both devices are available in tiny packages that save space – each is 65 per cent smaller than any competitive device.

The ISL54214 is available in 12-lead 3 x 3mm TQFN packages and also 12-lead 2.2 x 1.4mm ultra-thin QFN packages.

The ISL54217, which incorporates Intersil’s click and pop elimination circuitry, is available in the same package options.

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