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Intertek has announced the launch of its Quality and Performance Mark (QPM) that offers manufacturers and brand marketers a means to clearly differentiate themselves among competing products.

For consumers, it provides much needed trust in quality assurance, as well as offering depth of information for more educated purchasing decisions.

The Quality and Performance Mark substantiates marketing claims and demonstrates that a product has passed a baseline of quality and performance tests.

Testing for the Quality and Performance Mark can validate up to five baseline performance criteria: durability, functionality, life cycle, usability and workmanship.

For further differentiation, a sixth parameter called Checkplus Performance allows manufacturers to test and validate performance and quality claims specific to a product.

Manufacturers and retailers can use the mark to: broadcast performance data to customers at the most critical moment: illuminate a product’s brand attributes and selling advantages; advertise to skeptical buyers that a product does more than promise, it performs; and secure trust, confidence and loyalty among buyers and influential people.

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