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Wurldtech Security Technologies has announced that Invensys Operations Management has integrated Achilles certification into its control system.

Ernie Rakaczky, principal security architect for Invensys Operations Management, said: ‘By integrating the Achilles certification programme requirements into the development lifecycle of our product portfolio, we are able to validate product robustness from design through deployment and help our customers maintain safe, secure and reliable industrial operations.’ Wurldtech has released a white paper on the benefits of industrial cyber-security certification that provided a look at critical network stack vulnerabilities in embedded devices – SCADA PLCs, Distributed Control Systems, Safety Integrated Systems and emerging technologies such as Smart Meters.

The analysis reviewed the obfuscated testing results of 43 embedded controllers and then compared the results with those having achieved Level 1 certification.

The paper went on to show how end users, such as BP and Shell, are reacting to this information and driving improvements through their supply chain with Achilles-certified systems.

The Achilles certification is available for all industrial control systems, whether wired or wireless, and certification tests are being developed for every category of IP-enabled network infrastructure.

The programme provides a benchmark for the development and deployment of secure industrial Ethernet devices by testing control process resilience and robustness under real-world conditions and validating that operational integrity is not jeopardised.

Wurldtech Security Technologies

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