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Invensys Operations Management has successfully implemented its Simsci-Esscor Romeo optimisation software for China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Jilin Petrochemical.

In providing its Romeo process optimisation software and consulting services, Invensys enabled CNPC to respond in real time to changes in feedstock variation, process conditions and utilities prices to achieve sustainable energy savings.

The company’s advanced application technology, including off-line operational analysis and on-line plant modeling for ethylene production, also allowed CNPC to study and validate the feasibility of various energy-saving strategies and the key parameters impacting energy saving before implementation.

The Invensys optimisation system was applied to the entire ethylene complex, which includes 10 cracking furnaces, quenching, compression, cracking and separation equipment across CNPC’s 700,000 tons-per-year ethylene production unit.

The system helped drive sustained reductions in the refinery’s energy consumption by five per cent.

The results prove that the implementation of the Romeo solution has reduced the energy consumption of our ethylene production unit and improved the effectiveness of the plant on the whole.

Romeo optimisation technology, which is part of Invensys’ operations management suite and a key component of its Enterprise Control System, has been successfully applied in refineries, chemical plants, and oil and gas companies around the world.

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