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In partnership with Invertek, Sontay has introduced two new inverter ranges designed to provide effective electrical energy savings in HVAC fan and pump applications.

The two ID inverter drives can also be used to enhance efficiency in a variety of process operations.

The ID-CT (standard inverters) and ID-VT (variable speed) drives are designed to be compact, robust, reliable and easy to use.

Within pump applications, these drives can help ensure an evenly distributed workload for maximum productivity.

They feature an energy-saving sleep mode at low or zero flow conditions; an automatic dry-shutdown facility; and the capability to lower flow and maintain supply in the event of a burst pipe or leak.

For air-handling equipment with valves, fans and dampers, these drives provide control through enabling easy frequency skipping, immediate broken-belt warning to reduce fan downtime and an alarm override mode, to keep the drive operating as long as possible if a fire breaks out in the building.

Complying with the latest EU Directive for Mandatory Minimum Efficiency levels and the latest International Efficiency Standard IE2, ID inverters feature on the Government Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme’s (ECA) Energy Technology list, which delivers tax rebates upon the installation of energy-saving equipment.

These inverters can also be used to claim subsidies from utility companies.

Programming can be carried out through the keypad or via a PC, PDA or smartphone.

To ensure there is no loss in connection, the Inverter Drives feature an integral RFI filter and use Modbus RTU serial communications.

Sontay products are designed to help improve building management system performance reduce energy and maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort levels.

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