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Omron Electronics has developed the MX2 inverter drives to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective automation solution for machine applications.

The inverter drives provide motor control features such as 200 per cent starting torque, torque control in open loop, induction motor and permanent magnet motor control, one-parameter auto-tuning, drive sequence programming and built-in position control functionality.

They also incorporate safety functions that conform with ISO 13849.

Industrial standard networks such as Profibus, Devicenet, Ethercat or Componet can be integrated.

For motor control, MX2 drives use current vector technology and offer a starting torque of 200 per cent at 0.5Hz combined with strong open-loop torque control characteristics.

In certain applications, this allows the MX2 to be used as an alternative to a flux vector or servo drive.

The MX2 allows the user to create solutions using logic programming, via a flowchart programming tool.

Programs with up to 1,000 lines of code can be created with five tasks running in parallel.

The MX2 can be configured to follow a master speed signal, with no additional hardware.

The drives can be used for simple positioning tasks without the need for an external position controller.

Up to eight positions plus home can be programmed by the user and the drive can be switched between speed and position control as required.

To help address machine control safety requirements in line with ISO 13849-1 Cat 3, MX2 drives incorporate two safety inputs and an external device monitoring (EDM) output.

This means that the requirement to use dual contactors on the drive output to perform safety functions is eliminated.

Modbus RS485 is built in and option cards are planned for all key Fieldbus networks such as Devicenet, Profibus and Ethercat.

A separate 24V DC input is standard, which can be used to keep the drive operational in the event of a mains input failure.

Omron MX2 inverter drives for machine applications are available in 200V single-phase versions with ratings from 0.2 to 2.2kW, in 200V three-phase versions with ratings from 0.2 to 15kW and in 400V three-phase versions with ratings from 0.4 to 15kW.

Omron Electronics

Omron Electronics Ltd is the UK subsidiary of the Omron Corporation, a global leader in the field of automation. Established in 1933, Omron has more than 35,000 employees in over 34 countries working to provide products and services to customers in a variety of fields including industrial automation, electronic components industries, and healthcare. Omron Electronics Ltd provides a comprehensive sales and support service within the UK and Ireland for Omron’s vast range of industrial automation products including industrial components, sensing and safety, automation systems and drives.

Omron’s Products:

Automation systems (PLCs, Remote I/O, HMIs)

Motion & Drives (Motion Controllers Servo System, Frequency Inverters)

Sensing (Photoelectric sensors, Inductive sensors, Fibre optic amplifiers and sensors, Rotary encoders)

Quality control & Inspection (Inspection & Ident systems, Measurement sensors)

Safety (Emergency stop switches, Safety limit switches, Safety door switches, Safety sensors, Safety control systems)

Control components (Temperature controllers, Power supplies, Timers, Counters, Programmable relays, Digital panel indicators).

Switching components (Electromechanical relays, Solid state relays, Low voltage switch gears, Monitoring products, Limit switches, Push-button switches).

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