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Ion Controls has introduced a complete Scada human-machine-interface (HMI) solution suitable for process engineers, building controls systems integrators and operators.

Ion Vision, an integrated development and operation environment, features advanced graphics capabilities and zero-maintenance data logging, together with a high-performance communications engine to deliver a low-cost Scada HMI experience.

Switching between designer mode and operator mode in screens is a matter of a single keystroke.

Definitions are always accessible and can be changed without restarting Ion Vision.

Access to the design features can be hidden to prevent operators from making changes to the project.

Projects in Ion Vision are said to be quick and simple to set up.

All definitions, such as aliases, alarms or trend variables, are done in tables, allowing the user to export and import data, search and replace values, sort through the definitions or make global changes using the Express Edit feature.

Ion Vision is designed to facilitate all tasks involved in creating and designing projects.

According to the company, Ion Vision always stays responsive, even while performing lengthy tasks such as fetching records or searching for data, and features a streamlined, clean interface.

The scalable solution does not limit, either by licence or technology, any aspect of a project.

It has been field tested in installations using tens of thousands of input/output (I/O) points, hundreds of reports and trends and thousands of alarms.

Numerous protocol drivers are available as standard, including Modbus and OPC.

Each system includes all the required development tools.

Customers can download Ion Vision online and use it for up to 30 days without any limitations.

When the evaluation period has passed, the customer will be required to purchase a licence in order to continue using Ion Vision.

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