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Enviro Technology has released the Ionicon range of air-quality monitoring instruments for the science and research community.

For research purposes, accurate measurement of trace level compounds is vital, requiring sensitivity previously unseen in monitoring equipment.

Though results can often rely on parts per trillion levels, limitations in gas-monitoring technology has previously hampered such detailed study.

The Ionicon instruments solve these problems.

They use proton-transfer reaction mass spectroscopy to measure low levels of any volatile organic carbon compound, making them perfect for scientific and research use.

The equipment is already being used by medical-research institutions to develop breath-gas analysis for use in the treatment of patients, allowing them to exhale into a machine to determine whether or not they have an illness, such as lung cancer, and reducing the need for invasive surgery.

It is also being used in emissions monitoring on ships in the Falklands and the Antarctic, where the air is very clean and compounds only appear in trace levels, as well as in coffee manufacturing to monitor the chemical levels in each batch to ensure quality control.

The sensitivity of the Ionicon can even distinguish between compounds with similar mass numbers.

Its soft ionisation technique reduces mass fragmentation, ensuring important data is retained.

There are four Ionicon PTRMS models available, the Compact, the Standard, the High Sensitivity and the Time of Flight, which gives the ability to analyse a whole mass spectrum in a split second with a mass resolution of approximately 5000 in V-mode.

Even isobaric species can therefore be distinguished with no instrumental mass range limitation and a linearity range of more than six orders of magnitude.

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