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Control Air has introduced the I/PAC Integrated Process Air Control package, which is designed to mount directly to common valve actuators.

A Control Air explosion-proof field mounted I/P transducer is offered as an integrated package that comes pre-assembled with a filter regulator and pressure gauge.

Users can choose from different versions of either the Type-950XP or Type-595XP Explosion-Proof I/P combined with the Type-330 filter regulator.

Features: compatible replacement for common valve actuators; will mount seamlessly; small profile; easy access; robust design – withstands long-term field installations in harsh environments; low air consumption – low cost of ownership due to fugitive emissions; and tapped exhaust option – for use in natural-gas applications (T-950XP, T-330); worldwide agency approvals – for intrinsic safety and explosion-proof field-selectable outputs (3-15, 3-25, 6-30 and 1-17 psig); certified for natural gas use; vibration resistance – stable in high-vibration environments; second gauge port option – allows easier and lower-cost mounting and plumbing connections.

The I/PAC is bracketed to mount on a 2in pipe, as well as directly onto valve yokes or other devices that utilise 2.25in bolt spacing.

Integrated units carry all agency hazardous-area approvals from FM, CSA and Atex.

This assembly is designed specifically for use in harsh environments and provides instrument-quality air to valves, pneumatic controllers, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, air cylinders and a range of pneumatic control systems.

The Type 950XP I/P Transducer has a built-in volume-booster that provides up to 10 SCFM air-flow capacity for quick valve response.

The unit utilises an input signal of 4-20mA and has field-selectable output ranges of 3-15, 3-27, 6-30 and 1-17 psig, with supply pressure up to 100 psig.

The Type 950XP is insensitive to position, vibration, supply-pressure variation and RMI/EFI interference.

The Type 950XP/Type 330 combination assembly weighs 3.5lbs, or 4lbs with the natural-gas option.

The Type-595 explosion-proof current-to-pressure I/P transducer has a built-in volume booster that provides up to 2.4 SCFM air-flow capacity for quick valve response, cylinders and actuators.

The unit utilises an input signal of 4-20mA and is available in 3-15, 3-27 or 6-30 psig models, with maximum supply pressure of 150 psig (22 psi for 3-15 output and 42 psi for other outputs, for ported units with volume booster).

The Type 595XP is insensitive to position, vibration, supply-pressure variation and RMI/EFI interference.

The type 595XP/Type 330 combination assembly weighs 3.1lbs.

The integrated Type-330 Compact Instrument Air Filter Regulator is ported for 1/4in NPT connection.

Maximum supply pressure is 250 psig; exhaust capacity is 0.1scfm with downstream 5 psig above set point; air consumption is less than 5 scfh; and supply variation is less than 0.2 psig for 25 psig change.

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