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The IPC has released IPC-9252A Requirements for Electrical Testing of Unpopulated Printed Boards, a rewrite of the IPC-9252 standard published in February 2001.

IPC-9252A defines levels of appropriate testing and helps select the test analyser, test parameters, test data and fixturing required to perform electrical testing on unpopulated printed boards and innerlayers.

The document provides expanded coverage of adjacency concepts for isolating testing as well as new requirements for resistive and indirect continuity and isolating testing.

Other parameter tests used to screen for conditions are also discussed.

The document also addresses common misconceptions regarding flying probe testing.

A major portion of the standard is devoted to adjacency definitions, including adjacency distance, horizontal adjacency distance and vertical layer adjacency.

These definitions vary with every machine.

To round out the standard, one of the last sections provides test-programme verification, electrical test certification and traceability.

Representatives from the printed board, fabrication and test industries and personnel from OEMs and the Department of Defense co-operated to update the new specification.

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